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Technical Data

Material Safety and Technical Data Sheets for all marine products.

Bar and Chain Oil TDS MSDS
Bio-Bilge Wash TDS MSDS
Bio-Boat Wash TDS MSDS
Bio-Canvas and Vinyl Cleaner TDS MSDS
Bio-1000 & Bio-2000 Hydraulic Fluids (ISO 32, 46, & 68) TDS MSDS
Bio-Mold Away (NSF A1) TDS MSDS
Blast Penetrant TDS MSDS
Diesel Fuel Conditioners (Summer & Winter Formulas) TDS MSDS
E.P. Greases: TDS  
   Food Grade E.P. Greases (NSF H1) TDS MSDS
   High Temperature 180 E.P. Grease TDS  
Gear Oils: TDS  
   E.P. Gear Oil TDS MSDS
   Food Grade Gear Oil (NSF H1, H2) TDS MSDS
   80W90 Gear Oil (GL-5) TDS
or GL-4
or GL-4
Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreaser TDS MSDS
Medium Preservative Lubricant TDS  
Penetrating Lubricant:
   - WPL Plus Tack (Lubricant and Corrosion Inhibitor)
   - WPL Plus Moly + Tack (Chain & Cable Lubricant)
   - WPL Plus Moly (Chain Cable Lubricant)
   - WPL Food Grade (H-1)
Food Grade PDF
Food Grade MSDS
Salt Halt -- Marine-Grade Boat Cleaner TDS MSDS
TCW 2-Cycle Engine Oil (TCW) TDS MSDS
TCW3 2-Cycle Engine Oil (TCW3) TDS MSDS
Turbine Rust and Oxidation Fluids TDS MSDS