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Vision: We strive to be the branded world leaders in servicing the growing demand for high-performance, "green chemistry" petroleum replacement solutions.

WISE Solutions is the first major brand built from patented agricultural base stocks and additives using proprietary know-how to make formulas that are functionally comparable or superior to their petrochemical and synthetic counterparts. Widespread acceptance of these high-performance, renewable and biodegradable products reduces our dependence on imported, fossil petroleum (increases "energy security"), and encourages industrial and retail customers to use domestic petroleum resources more wisely.

WISE represents a solution to a problem that isn't widely understood -- a significant volume of lubricants and cleaning products are "lost" to the environment every year* representing a threat to ecosystems and thus to all living things. WISE not only decreases risks and liabilities through improved worker, citizen and environmental health and safety, but also delivers an effective vehicle for pollution prevention, environmental protection, support for rural farming, and sustainable economic growth.

* Lubes'n'Greases Magazine, Chemical Engineering News and the US EPA.

About WISE Solutions | What We Do | Management | Contact WISE

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