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Renewable & Biodegradable, High Performance Petrochemical REPLACEMENTS

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WISE Solutions makes and sells premium quality, renewable and biodegradable products that resolve toxicity and disposal problems while delivering superior price/performance.

In collaboration with our technology and venture partners, WISE formulates, sources, blends, packages and sells a complete line of high-performance, biolubricants, agricltural inputs, colloidal cleaners and solvents made from specialized renewable resources and proprietary know-how.

WISE is a values-driven company, with 1% of sales given back to sustainable agriculture research, marine preservation, and other worthy causes. Customers affect change through their own purchasing power.

Why Lubricants, Agricltural Inputs & Cleaners?

Lubricants and petrochemical cleaners come from the same limited reserves as fuels, they are consumed at an uncontrolled rate, they leak from systems and after use require disposal. Companies often focus on the recycling of their packaging, etc., but then overlook the significant impact of lubricants and cleaning compounds on the environment and people.

The risks of chronic exposure to petrochemical compounds and the associated costs can be greatly reduced. Our collective future may well depend on the widespread use of products made from "new carbon" (annually renewable agricultural crops, for example), preserving the "old carbon" (fossil petroleum and its derivatives) for applications where there is not yet a better alternative.

When properly designed and formulated using modern, green chemistry principles, biobased materials are preferable and advantageous for use as lubricants, cleaners, degreasers, pest control, odor control, water treatment, fertilizers, santizers and more. WISE solutions perform as well or better than the all-petroleum products they replace. The use of WISE Ultimately Biodegradable products (ASTM D5864, Pw1) eliminates toxins that would otherwise end up in contact with people, manufactured products, or the soil, air or water supplies.

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